Monthly Project Checklist


1. Install Outdoor Floodlights

Learn ways to illuminate your home for security, safety and curb appeal with outdoor floodlightsLEARN MORE

Outdoor floodlight installed on roof rafters

2. Spray Paint Plastic Chairs & Furniture

Use spray paint to extend the life of weather-worn plastic furniture in four easy steps. LEARN MORE

Plastic chairs spray painted variety of colors

3. Restore a Wood Outdoor Bench

Strip away the years and restore wood’s beauty with this simple how-to. LEARN MORE

Wood outdoor patio bench refinished with white paint

4. Waterproof Your Wood Deck

Learn how to seal your deck to prevent dulling exposure to the elements. LEARN MORE

Waterproof wood deck with semi transparent stain

5. Get Rid of Ants: Inside and Out

Keep the ant population under control with these tips and ideas. LEARN MORE

Ant crawling on wood picnic table

6. Paint Your Garage Door

Give your weathered garage door a facelift with a fresh coat of paintLEARN MORE

Two garage doors painted dark blue

7. Clean & Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Use these tips to keep your pool at its best, both in- and off-season. LEARN MORE

Cleaning debris from swimming pool

8. Build & Plant a Raised Garden Bed

Check out this solution for maximizing gardening space in your yard. LEARN MORE

Planting herbs in raised garden bed

9. Clean & Prep Your BBQ Grill for Summer

Get your grill ready to fire up with this preparation checklist. LEARN MORE

Cleaning grease from outdoor BBQ grill

10. Water Your Lawn & Plants Effectively

Learn how to give plants the exact amount of water they need. LEARN MORE


Watering outdoor plants with watering can